Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Raven Within

"The Raven Within"

The raven remains caged
Within the depths of me
It claws and flutters all about
It will not let me be

It is my being that traps the fowl
Refusing to let it free
I am the cage,  I’m the trap
I am the rookery

My nature keeps the bird inside
It’s simply how I’m built
A cage to keep it all within
However lovely its gilt.

I long to set the raven free
Watch him fly away
Even if I open up
I fear that he’ll still stay.

It's October! I just love Edgar Allan Poe, and so naturally I'm thinking of his body of work at this time of year more than usual.  As I was mulling over Poe, I was browsing Pinterest and came upon the striking image you see at the beginning of this post, "Lady Crow" by Carole Sanson.   Forgive the misnomer, but I only discovered the name after writing the poem, and it seemed so appropriate that I thought it must still be included.