Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unlocking a New Future

The future is never certain, but most of us have at least a general plan.  Life, though, can change dramatically, and suddenly even the vaguest of ideas about the future are no more.  I'm adjusting my way of thinking, and this poem came from talking with a friend about how to move forward.

"Unlocking a New Future"

What if the key to your future
Lies in your past…
Would you know where to find it?
Which decade to search?
Which pastimes to revisit?
Which relationships to rehash?

Maybe you hid it somewhere
For safe keeping,
Simply lost it along the way,
Someone stole it
While you weren’t looking

Wherever it might be,
However it got there,
The key to your future
Might lie in your past.


Perhaps the past is just the past.
The key to your future is within you
It is you.


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