Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Monday!

Mondays can always use a little more happy, so I've decided that Monday postings will be happy, cheery posts!  Sometimes I'll post my own happy poem, sometimes someone else's work, and who knows what else?  I've got to keep you on your toes, so expect the unexpected.  That being said.... I'm totally starting with what you'd expect: my own poem!  (Don't judge me.)

It's not snowy outside my window right now, but it sure is frosty, and I hate the cold.  I miss summer. Thinking about summer makes me very, very happy, and thinking about pleasant childhood summers makes me even happier.  Plus, it's a poem about food.  Who doesn't love that??

"Strawberry Summer"

Strawberries taste like
Childhood summers:
Grown in a small garden
Next to a little shed
Picked by still growing hands
Washed in a tiny kitchen
And devoured

Not chocolate covered
Whipped cream topped
Or sugar coated
The only garnish
Was the juice
Dribbling down
A smiling chin
And wiped
Across cherub cheeks

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