Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Free For All: Avoiding Politics


Awwww, isn’t the bunny so cute??  Welcome to what I do when politics gets overwhelming on social media.  Not only do I not follow politics, I actively avoid political discussion.  All you get is spin, and all too often is people trying to tear others down.  I prefer to lead a life full of positivity, and politics doesn’t really jive with that.  

So, when one or the other politician does something that everyone jumps all over, my social media feeds are flooded with people bad mouthing the latest devil incarnate.  My response?  Slide on over to my Pinterest, browse my pin board on cute bunnies, choose whichever one strikes my fancy that day, and put it on my social media platforms.  I hope I can be one cute, bright spot in someone’s rage-fueled political-filled feed.

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