Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Free For All: "Somewhere in America" as performed on the Queen Latifah Show

Happy happy Friday!  Sorry I missed Wednesday’s post this week, next week I’ll make it twice as helpful (but not twice as long… unless you’d like that).  I am delighted that it is a new day and that this particular new day is a Friday.  They’re fun! 

It’s been up for a while, but this week I stumbled across a video of an amazing video of a very moving poetry performance.  Several aspects of this performance caught my attention.  This was a poetry performance on national TV!  That frickin’ rocks!!  Teenage girls performed it (and they OWNED it), and the poem itself was very moving.   I’ve watched it several times now, and I still tear up a bit each time. 

The girls sat down with Queen Latifah after their performance for a short interview as well:

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