Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Poem from the Train Ride

I just did some editing on an old poem that I wrote while riding the train a while ago.  It felt a little odd then, using borrowed emotions, but I've edited it into something that comes across more naturally than the first version.

“Lovers Separating”

Click clack
Click clack
Chuff chuff chuff
Chug chug chug chug

Each low rumble speaks
Ominously declaring
The widening separation
Parting body from body
And parting me
From that portion of my heart
That I left tucked in with yours
Laced between your fingers
Held in your embrace.

And I carry you with me
That tiny piece you gave me
Bundled up
Against my breast
Warming the heart that remains

My body remembers yours
Slow sensual scratches
Up my calves
Along the small of my back
In the palm of my hand
The chills reverberate
Within the depths of me
Rippling to my most
Sensuous core.

I bump and sway
Side to side
As I slide away
A slow dance of separation
Speeding up
As the distance grows
Picking up pace
As the miles stretch behind me

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