Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday Morning Pick Me Up: Online Pet Therapy Photo Doggies for Anthony

Okay, I was totally ready to pick out my happy-happy-joy-joy poem for your Monday Morning Pick Me Up, but I came across this incredible Facebook event that is so worthy of attention (and full of adorableness) that I just had to share it with you and give it a plug as well.

There’s this teenager in Arizona named Anthony who’s fighting leukemia, and one of the few things that makes him feel better during chemo is the pet therapy visits.  When the therapy dogs come in, they really help him feel so much better.  Unfortunately, the dogs can’t be there daily or if he’s feeling crappy at night or just whenever he needs a pick me up.

Fortunately, someone wonderful came up with the idea to crowd source Anthony’s pet therapy!  A Facebook event was created: It’s a public event, and you just go on and post a picture of your dog, where you’re from, and a nice message.  If you’re like me, you’ve tortured your pet with plenty of crazy photos, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.  And if you’re not a canine lunatic like myself, you can always take a pic of your dog or send in a pic of a family member’s dog, etc.

Bottom line: you’re helping at least one sick teenager fight a difficult fight, and as this goes viral, you’re likely helping many others as well.  The event has already made the local news.  Maybe YOU need the pet therapy (you did click on the Monday Morning Pick Me Up), in which case, click away!

Here are a few adorable pooches:

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