Friday, August 8, 2014

Poetry Sample: Elegy

Willard Denver Rogers

The farm boy from Florida, and dashing Navy man
Devoted father, loving husband, charming grandfather
We love you, we honor you,
But most of all, right now, we miss you.
God blessed us with memories
Of laughs and tears—
Blessed moments with you
Our hero always

Your childhood a chain of stories—
Rambunctious little boy
Dipping pigtails in ink wells,
Stealing buttons on the bus,
Doing what you did best—being a boy

A boy who grew to be a handsome man
With a handsome heart, flowing with love
For your Lord, for your family, for all
(including the animals)

And you shared your love
Even when the dog knocked down the Charlie Brown Christmas tree…
Even when the fishing trip was moved to the minivan…
Even when times got tough and your health was failing…
You loved us all deeply

Your love, your life, your legacy
These things we take with us
These things we pass on
And as you take your place in heaven,
Regaling your siblings with the story of your life,
We carry in our hearts the promise of reunion
On that wonderful day, in that wonderful place,

With you—such a wonderful man

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